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(bla-ga- pay)

We host cool events that don't feel "churchy" - think mixers, day parties, games nights and everything in-between.  

We bring black Christians together because the church doesn't have to be your only social lifeline.


“ Good event. Was surprised it managed to get so many men. Quality and confidence of woman was mixed but there were definitely enough fine ones. Venue was nice and intimate and I thought that worked well. I think given it’s Christians the host may have to work harder for those that are shy to come out of their shell (that’s not a slight, the  host hosted very well, it’s more about accommodating to the audience.) Enjoyed the games element". 

The night was really enjoyable because it was low pressure (which is so important), but with the opportunity for more. I think it was a successful launch, especially as when I arrived with my friend there seemed to be high turnout. The marketing and advertising of the event was so spot on and it definitely deserved the turnout it received. Starting the game later than the start time, was a good idea considering a significant amount of people rolled in towards the latter part of the night. "

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